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One of our favorite women’s products at C2 Choices is our Country Mango Sweetness Hair Batter. It should be used on natural hair with the purpose of styling the hair. This product offers hair conscious customers an ideal blend of natural ingredients that support healthy hair maintenance and hair development. The blend of natural ingredients enables Hair Batter to restore, strengthen, and manage fizzy hair follicles. While maintaining hair’s natural shine!

You may ask, “ What is the difference between Hair Batter and Hair Sugar?” Hair Batter is a scalp nourishing sealant for naturals only. A system designed with a natural oil base catering to Type 3 and 4 textures, as it works as a moisturizing agent for the scalp. It is free of any harmful ingredients or chemicals such as petroleum or mineral oil. It is compressed in a lightweight whip form. The scalp nourishing sealant helps build a healthy scalp and creates an environment conclusive to regenerating healthy hair growth. People say they love it because it is not waxy and absorbs in your hand like cake icing or butter. Hair Batter is a freshly made item and it is kid friendly!

Weight: 4 oz
  1. Brianna
    5 out of 5

    I loveeeeee hair batter! It is a creamy, whipped moisturizing product that gives my hair great slip, shine, and most importantly MOISTURE! I have a “sponge head” so I really need something that will provide my hair with long lasting moisture and Hair Batter is it! I can use this product and not need more for at least 3-4 days and that’s very important to myself, and I’m sure other naturalistas in the world! You can not go wring with hair batter!

  2. jlsheppa
    5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this Hair batter! It’s lightweight but it still gives me the moisture and oil i need. It works well with my scalp and my natural 4b curls love it!

  3. Amber Tanksley
    5 out of 5

    I love the Hair Batter!!! I adore this product so much because when I am trying to do a natural hairstyle style, such as Bantu Knots, the batter does not leave my hair stiff ( a regular styling product, such as gel, would leave my hair stiff). When I take my Bantu Knots out, my hair is moisturized and my knots are flawless 🙂

    I love the Created Coily product line for women! I highly recommend this product to anyone who is transiting to their natural state or for women who have hair already in their natural state. As a versatile product, the hair batter can be used on all types of Black hair, and for that, I will continue to use it on my natural hair journey. Thank you, Created Coily, for making such a wonderful product!

  4. Lilly
    5 out of 5

    In LOVEEEEE with this product!!! Leaves my hair feeling soft and isn’t too greasy or thin. My go-to for a daily hair moisturizing cream. Also GREAT for twist outs!!

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