Created Coily Inc. supports a new age of hair care which fosters and supports the healthy state of kinky, coily, wavy, and curly hair. Created Coily Inc. (The Experience and Style) is a organization of natural hair professionals and a thriving community of families who value natural living and hair. We are the home of C2 products, apparel, and a wide range of services created with you in mind. Specifically designed for people of curly hair, our products are based with the best essential ingredients to promote healthy living. The C2 Generation hair products includes Coily Choices for women which are non sulfate maintenance products. The collections include Shampoo, conditioners, butters/pomade, and oils that offer product ingredients derived from natural tresses of the earth. We are recognized for our scalp nourishing system and wave enhancement system. Created Coily Inc. is not just limited to hair care; we also have an all-new natural line of Created Coily Skincare.

Our mission at Created Coily Inc. is to support the very essence of natural beauty. We take pride in the deep history of ethic hair, which has always been our crown and glory. It being at the top of our head, therefore; we treat it with the upmost respect. We believe our stands of coils connect us to the universe. Our coils are special to Created Coily because they are considered to be our antennas to power and energy that defines our past, present, and future. The hair we grow day in and out is a inner expression of the power of our minds.  As the Earth sits on a spiral axis and rotates, so does the double helix in our DNA, and the blood that spiral down of veins on a daily basis. Your hair pattern created in that same pattern as a transmitter and receiver of all the abundance the universe has to offer.

The Created Coily Store is one of a kind experience. A share of our proceeds from the Created Coily Inc. online store goes to our annual educational and charitable events. With the help of C2 customers and partners will host a series of Back to the Basics: Repainting, Redefining, and Recreating the true essence of natural beauty workshops for young women and men. The Created Coily team will give our natural beauty products and educational seminars to our participants. Then empower them on the importance of self-worth and image. So while being able to purchase quality and affordable product for yourself, you will also be helping to change the lives of so many. Help us move forward our business into recreating, redefining, and repainting the beauty of curls in the 21st century in America.

Quality Products and Services
Culture Change

Created Coily Inc. was founded in 2013 by an licensed natural hair care specialist and educator in NC. Our views on healthy hair development stems from our lifestyle focusing on the balance of mind, spirit, and body. Our hairstyles are simply an expression of our inner minds. As we teach our members to master the idea of hair to soul, “taking care of your crown means taking care of your life”, in addition reinforcing the basics of healthy hair development, proper protective styling, and customize natural products design in 21st century.

We also have an amazing support system of 40 college students and recent graduates. The C2 Team endorses the “C2 Movement”, a movement to help change the culture of a timeless industry.